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Sergio Larrain, the Eternal Moment

North American Premiere

Sergio Larrain, the Eternal Moment

Sebastián Moreno

Chile | 2021 | 1 h 23 min
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Grand Prize, FIFA 2022

Sergio Larrain is the only Chilean photographer to have been represented by the prestigious New York photo agency Magnum. His enigmatic approach to photography earned him international recognition. Yet, having arrived at the peak of his career, he unexpectedly decided to retreat to hermithood in northern Chile. With a huge amount of material, Sergio Larrain, The Eternal Moment shows us the mind and artistic genius of a creator whose own sadness shone through the eyes of his subjects.
Other festivals:
International Film Festival of Viña del Mar FICVIÑA, Chile (2021)
Festival of Spanish and Ibero-American Photography Ojos rojos, Spain (2021)
Festival of Contemporary Art Film DART, Spain (2021)
Director Sebastián Moreno
Script Claudia Barril, Sebastián Moreno
Production Manager Claudia Barril
Line Producer Claudia Barril
Associate Producer Matias Cardone
Executive Production Claudia Barril, Sebastián Moreno
Director of Photography Maura Morales, Sebastián Moreno
Editing Sebastián Moreno
Camera Maura Morales, Sebastián Moreno
Sound Carlo Sánchez
Sound mixing Alfredo Ibarra

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Sebastián Moreno

Sebastián Moreno

Sebastián Moreno is a documentary filmmaker and director of photography in documentaries and TV series. In 2006 premieres his first documentary feature, The city of photographers. He has also directed the documentaries Habeas Corpus (2014), Guerrero (2017) and Sergio Larraín, the eternal moment (2021). Currently, he works as director of assorted audiovisual pieces produced by Películas del Pez.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Guerrero (2017)
Habeas Corpus (2014)
The city of photographers (2006)

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