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Carte blanche : Joyce Joumaa - Montréal

Carte blanche : Joyce Joumaa — Montréal

For this 40th edition, FIFA is honored to welcome the Carte Blanche of Joyce Joumaa, co-presented with MOMENTA Biennale de l’image and with the support of the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

Program 1: Warm Regards

This program of short films takes its starting point from and works as, a correspondence. In an attempt to encompass the myriad of thoughts expressed by the protagonists in the films, the program becomes a visual letter that looks at the ways in which the practice of writing has been appropriated differently. While 31 Silent Encounters silently recites letters between a communist prisoner and his wife, I Think About You Everyday reminds us that geographical distance is only an illusionary construct between two friends. The protagonists in Letter From Your Far-Off Country narrate the political history of India while the film Son of the Sun exposes us to the story of Ibrahim during the Beirut explosion.
Through the dialogues they create, the films become a tool that brings us into proximity to one another as the word correspondence also translates into a close similarity, connection, or equivalence”. Therefore the need to consider this program as a curatorial form of reaching out” to an audience which has been navigating distance as a way of living.“

I Think About You Everyday — Simone Lucas. Canada, Lithuania. 2022. 14 min. English.
31 Silent Encounters — Marianne Fahmy. Egypt. 2016. 8 min. Arabic, English. English subtitles.
Letter From Your Far-Off Country — Suneil Sanzgiri. United States, India. 2020. 17 min. English. English subtitles.
Son of the Sun — Tanya Traboulsi. Lebanon. 2021. 24 min. English. English subtitles.

Program 2: Are you not coming?

If the first program takes its starting point the ways humans have been communicating in a troubled present, this second program imagines a future where things ran out of their course and where nature is the only recipient of what we have left to say. Each of these films, try to discuss a facet of a so-called toxic relationship while using sci-fi as a tool to critically represent and imagine the characteristics of an anthropocentric world we are deemed to endure.
Gradually disappearing as the planet becomes inhabitable, the people in Submarine are ready to migrate due to the garbage crisis that emerged in Lebanon. Two people are left in this Beirut landfill as Kink Retrograde shows the effect that it had on their bodies.
Finally, Sahar in ATÉR is the only remaining human which tries to decode an alarming letter sent from outer space. The title Are you not coming? works as a window of hope which draws inspiration from the three protagonists who decide to stay as an active form of resistance.“

Submarine — Mounia Akl. Lebanon. 2016. 20 min. Arabic. English subtitles.
Kink Retrograde Bassem Saad. Lebanon. 2019. 19 min. English. English subtitles.
ATÉR — Marie Fages. France. 2021. 21 min. French, Creole. English subtitles.

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