L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A


Marie Fages

France | 2021 | 21 min
French, Creole |
Subtitles: French, English
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This film is part of Joyce Joumaas Carte Blanche, co-presented with MOMENTA Biennale de l’image and with the support of the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

Sahar tirelessly explores volcanic landscapes to find a rare mineral. But what she finds out shakes her research, her connection with the atmosphere and our Milky Way.
Overview of some festivals:
Champs-Élysées Film festival, France (2021)
FNC — Festival du nouveau cinéma, Canada (2021)
St-Louis International Film Festival, USA (2021)
Cork, Northern Ireland (2021)
Beijing International Short Film Festival, China (2021)
Director Marie Fages
Author Marie Fages
Director of Photography Marta Simões
Editing Jeanne Sarfati
Music Thierry Desseaux

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Marie Fages

Marie Fages

Marie Fages is a nomadic cinematographer and scenographer. Trained at the Roma School of Fine Arts and at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, she designs sets for theatre and cinema, and artistic installation in different countries. Passionate about locations and the stories that resonate in them, she directed two fictional short films. La Promenade d’Electre is an adaptation of Electra in the meanders of the business district of Paris. Les Marées Blanches (produced by the G.R.E.C.) is a tale inspired and shoot in the ruins of East Berlin. The landscapes and the language of the Reunion island inspired her third film.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team

Les Marées blanches (2016)
La promenade d’Electre (2013)

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