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Hommage au réalisateur Claude François

Hommage au réalisateur Claude François

While he was finishing his last film Silencieuses, Belgian director Claude François passed away on December 2, 2020. Claude François was a regular at FIFA and several of his films were presented there. That’s why we pay tribute to him this year by presenting some titles from his filmography. These choices were made by André Joassin of the Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique, Xavier Canonne, and Martine Barbé of Image Création.

This text by Pol Bury evokes Claude François, a devoted art lover.
Claude François – The art of the well-framed off-beat gaze. A camera is well worth a brush. Claude François was born in the former Belgian Congo, in Stanleyville, now Kisangani, on September 30, 1940. From 1959 to 1961, he studied cinema at the National School of Visual Arts (La Cambre) where he shot his first film, Songe à la douceur. In 1965, he met the filmmaker Frédéric Geilfus who involved him in the shooting of a film devoted to architect Victor Horta’s Maison du Peuple in Brussels. He has signed documentaries on art throughout his career. Let us recall a few titles. In 1994, Charles et Félicien implied Baudelaire and Rops. In 2012, Le désordre alphabétique recalled his interest in surrealism. In 2017, Le pavillon des douze approached twelve paintings from different museums of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation; poets and writers like Pierre Puttemans and Guy Goffette mixed their words with images. He had also produced the portrait of an outstanding connoisseur of the history of cinema, Denis Marion. Finally, he was preparing a film on statuary in Brussels. Claude François had an encyclopedic culture and a delicious, slightly quirky sense of humour. His keen gaze on you seemed to pierce the secret of your life. In turn, you kept the memory of an affable and secretive man who had the politeness not to impose a presence that could have been overwhelming, so vast was his culture and his silence intelligent. He passed away on Wednesday, December 2 at 80 years old.“

Silencieuses — Claude François. Belgium. 2021. 49 min. French. English subtitles.
Le pavillon des douze — Claude François. Belgium. 2017. 49 min. French. English subtitles.
Le désordre alphabétique — Claude François. Belgium. 2012. 50 min. French.
La chaîne sans fin — Claude François. Belgium. 2003. 48 min. French.
Charles et Félicien — Claude François. Belgium. 1994. 15 min. French.

FIFA thanks Claudette Hould for her contribution to this tribute to the Director Claude François (19402020).
Director Claude François

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