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Lotte Eisner, un lieu, nulle part

North American Premiere

Lotte Eisner, un lieu, nulle part

Timon Koulmasis

France, Germany | 2021 | 1 h
French, German |
Subtitles: English
Lotte H. Eisner (1896 – 1983) was one of the most fascinating figures of the past century. Not well known to the general public, the author of the celebrated essay L’écran démoniaque (The Demonic Screen) and curator in chief of the Cinémathèque Française was admired by Fritz Lang, Murnau, Stroheim, Sternberg, Chaplin, and Renoir, but also by Brecht, Man Ray, and, later, Herzog and Wenders, Godard and Truffaut. Hunted down by the Nazis, living as a refugee in France, Eisner was an eternal exile. A look at how the history of the twentieth century, the history of film, and the life of a woman were forever intertwined.
Other festivals:
La Rochelle Festival, France (2021)
Bologna Festival, Italy (2021)
IndieLisboa, Portugal (2021)
Athens International Film Festival, Greece (2021)
Director Timon Koulmasis
Director of Photography Rudiger Korz
Associate Producer Grundmann Ilona
Editing Aurique Delannoy
Colorization Posch Herbert
Sound Jung Holger

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Timon Koulmasis

Timon Koulmasis

Timon Koulmasis was born in Germany. He studied History and Philosophy in Germany and France. He lives and works as a film director, writer and producer in Paris and Athens. His films, fiction and documentary, have been selected at the festivals in Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Locarno, Montreal. He won different awards. He teaches creative documentary” at the École Supérieure des Études Cinématographiques (Paris) and at the École Documentaire Lussas (University Grénoble). He is also a visiting Professor at Fémis (Fondation Européenne
pour les Métiers de l’Image et du Son) in Paris. Timon Koulmasis is Greece’s National Representative for the Council of Europe’s Cinema Support Fund (Eurimages). He has translated Greek poets into German (Seferis, Gatsos, Leondaris, Patilis…).

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Selected films:
Portrait Of My Father In Times Of War (2016)
Words Of Resistance (2010)
Nico Papatakis – A Portrait (2009)
Michalis (2007)
Martha (2006)

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