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Film, mémoire vivante de notre temps

Canadian Premiere

Film, mémoire vivante de notre temps

Inés Toharia

Canada, Spain | 2021 | 1 h 59 min
French, English, Spanish |
Subtitles: French
Jouer Trailer
Geoblocked film in Quebec

In the era of digitization, it’s essential to save and archive our images, and yet our cinematic heritage is far from being fully preserved. Many films and much film history are already lost forever. Yet thanks to the often-overlooked work of archivists, curators, technicians, and filmmakers around the world, we are still able to see films that are over 125 years old. This documentary pays tribute to the work, skill, and know-how of these artisans who find pieces to restore and preserve. If any of these films, old or recent, can transform even one life, then these artisans will have fulfilled their mission.
Overview of some festivals:
São Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil (2021)
SEMINCI — Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid, Spain (2021)
Cork International Film Festival, Ireland (2021)
DOC NYC, United States (2021)
St. Louis International Film Festival, United States (2021)
Cambridge Film Festival, United Kingdom (2021)
Director Inés Toharia
Script Inés Toharia
Director of Photography Daniel Vilar
Production Isaac Garcia Llombart, Paul Cadieux
Production Manager Melissa Mira
Executive Production Maryse Rouillard
Participation Ann Adachi-Tasch, Laure Adler, Janice Allen, Tina Anckarman, Peter Bagrov, Peter Becker, Steve Bloom, Margaret Bodde, Frédéric Bonnaud, Serge Bromberg, Kevin Brownlow, Jared Case, Luciano Castillo, Cecilia Cenciarelli, Te-Ling Chen, Bede Cheng, Paolo Cherchi Usai, Benjamin Chowkwan Ado, Grover Crisp, Mercedes De la Fuente, Rachel Del Gaudio, Paula Felix Didier, Bryony Dixon, Dennis Doros, Ray Edmondson, Lotte Eisner, Awad Eldaw, Dino Everett, Simon Fisher-Turner, Giovanna Fossati, David Francis, Lars Gaustad, Costa Gavras, Mariano Gómez, Julia Gouin, Todd Gustavson, Sam Gustman, Patricio Guzmán, Amy A. Heller, Jan-Christopher Horak, Anne Hubbell, Rob Hummel, Tessa Idlewine, Andrea Kalas, Ahmad Kiarostami, Anthony L'Abbate, Emmanuel Lefrant, Emily Leproust, Josef Lindner, Ken Loach, Patrick Loughney, Frédéric Maire, Ben Mankiewicz, Laurent Mannoni, Juan Mariné, Mike Mashon, Bob Mastronardi, Brian Meacham, Jonas Mekas, Bill Morrison, Jan Müller, Lourdes Odriozola, Hisashi Okajima, Maung Okkar, Bono Olgado, Idrissa Ouedraogo, Daniel Pérez, Michael Pogorzelski, John Polito, Chema Prado, Rick Prelinger, Javier Rellán, Nicolas Rey, Esteve Riambau, Ramón Rubio, Celine Ruivo, Aboubakar Sanogo, Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott, Shivendra Singh Dungarpur, Deborah Stoiber, Jeffrey Stoiber, Rob Stone, Vittorio Storaro, Ed Stratmann, Dan Streible, Linda Tadic, Mark Toscano, Katie Trainor, Fernando Trueba, Iván Trujillo, Benjamin Tucker, Chalida Uabumrungjit, Patricia Ubeda, Ernst Van Velzen, Wim Wenders, Geo. Willeman, Adrian Wood, Caroline Yeager, Ishumael Zinyengere
Sound Recording Sergio Fernández Borrás, Álvaro Silva
Camera John Ashmore, Michel Bolduc, Almudena Sánchez, Inés Toharia, Javier Trueba, Daniel Vilar
Colorization Philippe Carbonneau
Narration Joseph Bohbot
Technical Direction Jérôme Corbeil, Simon Legault Beaudoin
Sound Martin Cadieux-Rouillard, Isaac Garcia Llombart, Joe Petrella, Xanti Salvador, Álvaro Silva Wuth, Kyle Stanfield, Sergio Fernández Borrás
Sound mixing Michel Lambert
Graphic Creation Julien Chabot-Paquet
Music Robert Marcel Lepage

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Friday, march 25, 2022, 08:00 p.m. — 10:00 p.m.


Inés Toharia

Inés Toharia

After completing her studies in literature, Inés received a grant to pursue her training in filmmaking in the UK and later specialized in film preservation in the USA with a Fulbright scholarship. She has directed documentaries and shorts that have been broadcast nationally and internationally, receiving different awards. She has worked at different film archives and in cultural preservation projects (USA, Mexico, United Nations, Spain) and collaborated in the setting up of the first edition of FiSahara at the Sahrawi refugee camps. Furthermore, she has curated exhibitions and screenings, covered major international film festivals, and teaches and writes about film history.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
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