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Aller-Retour / Back and Forth

Aller-Retour / Back and Forth

FIFA EXPERIMENTAL is an out-of-competition, by-invitation section of the festival. Emphasis is on works by artists offering singular perspectives on art and on creative processes, on the political impact of images, text and sound, and on the potential of art works to investigate what we identify as reality.

BACK AND FORTH explores the profound connections linking actions, thoughts and experiences, and the memories that we record of them. The six works in this program underscore the mobility of these experiences that live in memory. A text written and read by Helga Davis and filmed by Anouk De Clercq examines Black/​White relations in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement; the social and mobilizing power of crowds is evoked in a performance piece by Gabriela Golder that also pays tribute to a seminal work by Argentinian Conceptual Art pioneer Víctor Grippo; Nayla Dabaji melds reverie and wandering in a museum where personal and collective recollections combine; the duo of Sonya Stefan and Stephanie Castonguay ponders awareness of the interconnection of all beings; Charlotte Clermonts film reveals a fragmented universe of glimmerings and dislocations; and Guillaume Vallée investigates the sensory memories of his adolescent years, resuscitating long-buried images and experiences. Each artist shows the extent to which the past has a hold on and influences one’s discovery or appreciation of the present.

How to put a thought, an emotion, an experience, a reality into motion? How to give voice to difference, film and record it and, more importantly, share it? These are the concerns of the artists in this program.

Nicole Gingras
Programmer, FIFA EXPERIMENTAL section

OK — Helga Davis, Anouk De Clercq. Belgium, United States. 2021. 5 min. English.
Insurrectas — Gabriela Golder. Argentina. 2020. 3 min. No dialogue.
migrer le musée — Nayla Dabaji. Canada. 2021. 14 min. No dialogue. French subtitles.
Sentient Beings — Sonya Stefan, Stephanie Castonguay. Canada. 2021. 5 min. No dialogue.
death by fantasies by mirrors — Charlotte Clermont. Canada. 2022. 13 min. No dialogue. French subtitles.
elles s’élèvent, ces forteresses éponges — Guillaume Vallée. Canada. 2022. 7 min. No dialogue. French subtitles.
Director Stephanie Castonguay, Charlotte Clermont, Nayla Dabaji, Helga Davis, Anouk De Clercq, Gabriela Golder, Sonya Stefan, Guillaume Vallée

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