L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
death by fantasies by mirrors

World Premiere

death by fantasies by mirrors

Charlotte Clermont

Canada | 2022 | 13 min
Without dialogue |
Subtitles: French
Jouer Trailer
In keeping with her usual exploratory, material approach to images and sound, Charlotte Clermont has created a mosaic film, shot on Super 8 and 16mm stock, which she develops by hand and then augments with coloured ink. The camera takes in objects, plants, a landscape, bodies, a stretch of water, the air, wind. The scenes are short, often framed as close-ups. This unfurling of furtive moments, enigmatic spaces and blazing light plays out like a series of disorientations, sustained by a soundtrack that is every bit as rich and sensual. Crafted by the duo of Charlotte Clermont and Antoine Racine, joined by Émilie Payeur for the final minutes of the film, the soundscape resonates with poetic echoes of the shimmering visuals: a fragmented universe unabashedly embraced in the title of the work.

This film is part of the FIFA EXPERIMENTAL section program BACK AND FORTH.

In presence of the director Charlotte Clermont on March 17, 2022 at Théâtre Outremont.
Director Charlotte Clermont
Sound Charlotte Clermont, Émilie Payeur, Antoine Racine

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• Théâtre Outremont
Thursday, march 17, 2022, 05:30 p.m. — 07:30 p.m.


Charlotte Clermont

Charlotte Clermont

Charlotte Clermont creates a dialogue between video and audio explorations to examine our perceptions of the real. The performative aspect of her practice, moved by a desire to transpose the illusiveness of lived moments, is embodied in her singular way of working with analogue recording devices. Using materials from her immediate environment, she works upon the chemical sensitivity of film through various alterations, while leaving a large place to chance. She holds a bachelor’s in Studio Arts from Concordia University and lives and works in Montreal. Her work has been presented in Canada and internationally in the framework of festivals and exhibitions, including the International Festival of Films on Art (Canada), Fracto (Germany), the Festival des cinémas différents et expérimentaux de Paris (France), IFF Rotterdam (Netherlands), Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Germany), Crossroads (United States), Arctic Moving Image and Film Festival (Norway), and the Edinburgh International Film Festival (Scotland). She was artist in residence at Studio Kura (Japan), Signal Culture (United States), Fusion Gallery (Italy) and Shiro Oni (Japan).

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Selected films:
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