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Carte blanche : Silvia Lucchesi - Lo Schermo dell'Arte - Florence

Carte blanche : Silvia Lucchesi — Lo Schermo dell’Arte — Florence

For this 40th edition, FIFA is honored to welcome Silvia Lucchesi, director and founder of the Lo schermo dell’arte Festival in Florence.

The five offerings in this Carte blanche are films made by internationally known Italian visual and performance artists who have been in the Lo schermo dell’arte program. These exemplary cases were chosen because they represent different linguistic and stylistic modes of recent productions that fall somewhere between film and art in Italy: from the fast pace of editing with materials downloaded from the internet, made in full lockdown (Found Choreographies), to slow and meditative filming (Sudan, produced by Lo schermo dell’arte), from the exploration of the possibilities offered by film as a means to create alienating situations (Poor Poor Jerry) to the theme of the constantly discussed objectivity of the image (What Time Is Love) and the original narrative of the documentary film (Welcome Palermo).“

Found Choreographies — Jacopo Jenna. Italy. 2021. 11 min. English. English subtitles.
Sudan — Luca Trevisani. Italy. 2016. 15 min. No dialogue.
Poor Poor Jerry — Rä Di Martino. Italy. 2017. 7 min. English.
What Time is Love? Anna Franceschini. Italy, Germany, Netherlands. 2017. 11 min. No dialogue.
Welcome Palermo MASBEDO. Italy. 2019. 1 h 2 min. Italian. English subtitles.

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