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Mounia Akl

Lebanon | 2016 | 20 min
Arabic |
Subtitles: English
This film is part of Joyce Joumaas Carte Blanche, co-presented with MOMENTA Biennale de l’image and with the support of the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

Under the imminent threat of Lebanon’s 2015 garbage crisis, Hala, a wild child inside of a woman, is the only one to refuse evacuation, clinging to whatever remains of home.
Overview of some festivals:
South By Southwest Film Festival, United States (2017)
Krakow Film Festival, Poland (2017)
Cannes Film Festival, Cinefondation, France (2016)
Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Canada (2016)
Dubai International Film Festival, United Arab Emirates (2016)

Artistic Direction Issa Kandil
Director Mounia Akl, Mounia Akl
Production Cyril Aris, Jinane Chaaya
Director of Photography Joe Saade
Cast Yumna Marwan
Sound mixing Cedric Kayem
Music Paul Tyan

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Mounia Akl

Mounia Akl

Mounia Akl is a director and writer from Lebanon living between Beirut and New York. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from ALBA and an MFA in Directing from Columbia University and is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®.

Her first feature film, Costa Brava Lebanon, premiered in 2021 at the Venice Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival (Netpac Award) and BFI London Film Festival (Audience Award) amongst others. It recently won the Jury prize in Sevilla and Geneva and is Lebanon’s submission to the Oscars.

Some of her other previous work includes fiction films (Submarine, Cannes Film Festival), web series (Fasateen, Do Not Disturb, BILY) and fashion films (Dior, Elie Saab and Sandra Mansour.)

Apart from her personal directing ventures, Mounia has also taught Directing and Screenwriting at Columbia University, New York, and at the NHSI film summer institute at Northwestern University, Chicago.

Mounia is currently developing new projects between Beirut and LA where she also was recently a Ted Talk Women speaker.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Selected films:
Costa Brava Lebanon (2021)
Submarine (2016)
Eva (2014)
Christine (2014)
Anoesis (2011)

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