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Stéphanie Lamontagne

Canada | 2018 | 6 min
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A single raindrop awakens six statues that have lain dormant for centuries in a forgotten place. Like a carousel, the caryatids come back to life by dancing to the song of their queen, Lucine. This short film creatively brings together music and dance.
Director Stéphanie Lamontagne
Script Stéphanie Lamontagne
Choreography Audrey Gaussiran
Cast Naomie Julien, Inka Strobl, Audrey Gaussiran, Paul-André Fortin, Chantal Carrier, David Campbell
Sound mixing Marine Viaud
Cinematographer Alexandere Desjardins
Graphic Creation Johanne Plante, Sébastien Lamontagne
Costumes Francine Leboeuf
Lighting Jacob Fortier
Music Karine Bétournay
Designer Julia Braga

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Stéphanie Lamontagne

Stéphanie Lamontagne

Stéphanie Lamontagne produced a dance show called Mudra in 2007. After her film studies, she became an editor for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and no longer after, she created a production company called Hearth Motion Pictures”. Until this day, Stephanie directed a music video, 4 short films as well as commercials and creative/​corporate videos.

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Thalassic (2018) ; Roots (2016) ; Jess (2013) ; This Is the Soundtrack of David Blair (2009) ; Entre l’éden et l’abîme (2008)

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