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The Power of Utopia - Living with Le Corbusier in Chandigarh

Quebec Premiere

The Power of Utopia — Living with Le Corbusier in Chandigarh

Karin Bucher, Thomas Karrer

Switzerland | 2023 | 1 h 24 min
English, German |
Subtitles: English
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Seventy years ago, Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier was tapped to design the Indian city Chandigarh. Set in a time of turmoil, relocation and the partition of India, Chandigarh symbolizes progress as well as the emergence of democracy. Le Corbusier envisioned a city that embraces humanity and justice, fostering harmonious interaction between its inhabitants and the natural surroundings.

The documentary follows four individuals immersed in the city’s cultural and artistic realms, contemplating Le Corbusier’s legacy and the cultural disparities between the East and West. Despite the omnipresence of Le Corbusier, the city has forged its own identity and its inhabitants have appropriated his legacy with a critical mindset. A captivating, authentic and exhaustive portrait of Chandigarh, bringing a fresh perspective on the architect and his vision.
Overview of some festivals:
Venice Architecture Film Festival, World Premiere mondiale, Italy (2023)
Film and Architecture Festival Prague, Czech Republic (2023)
Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands (2023)
New York ADFF, United States (2023)
Toronto ADFF, Canada (2023)
Director Karin Bucher, Thomas Karrer
Cast Deepika Gandhi, Diwãn Mãnnã, Gurcharan Singh Chani, Siddhartha Wig

In Partnership with


• Centre Canadien d’Architecture
Friday, march 15, 2024, 05:30 p.m. — 07:15 p.m.


Karin Bucher

Karin Bucher

Karin Bucher, born in 1969, lives and works in Trogen, Switzerland. She initiates free projects as a scenographer: Audiowalks, theatrical tours, installation exhibitions and works for renowned museums and theatres.
The current exhibition is Homeland. In Search of Traces in Mitholz” at the Alpine Museum in Bern and the travelling exhibition Forgotten by Happiness”. Together with Thomas Karrer, she realises shorter and longer documentaries.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Thomas Karrer

Thomas Karrer

Thomas Karrer, 1963, has been running his own studio since 1993 and realises various commissioned productions in the field of film and photography. He creates video portraits for educational institutions, non-profit organisations, museums, cantons and municipalities.
His first cinema documentary Twilight Zones” had its world premiere at the Solothurn Film Festival in 2020 and, despite Covid, was a great success, attracting more than 25 000 viewers to Swiss cinemas.
His work has received several awards, including a work grant from the Cultural Foundation of Appenzell Ausserrhoden in 2005 and an Artist in Residence” in Chandigarh, India in 2018.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team

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