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Wild Words

Wild Words

Ana Shametaj

Italy | 2019 | 1 h 9 min
Italian |
Subtitles: English
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High in the hills of Romagna, Italy, a dozen young actors spend three months immersed in experimental theatre. Working alongside their artistic guides, they enter mind, body and heart into a creative collaboration that that will plumb their inner depths. This dazzling documentary bears witness to the birth of a community. A magnificent voyage into the creative abyss.
Director Ana Shametaj
Author Mariangela Gualtieri, Ana Shametaj
Editing Nicolò Tettamanti, Jacopo Quadri
Cast Arianna Aragno, Lorella Barlaam, Elena Bastogi, Silvia Curreli, Elena Griggio, Mariangela Gualtieri, Rossella Guidotti, Enrico Malatesta, Lucia Palladino, Alessandro Percuoco, Ondina Quadri, Piero Ramella, Marcus Richter, Cesare Ronconi, Gianfranco Scisci, Stefania Ventura
Sound Marta Billingsley, Otto Reuschel
Sound mixing Marcos Molina
Cinematography Greta De Lazzaris, Ana Shametaj
Music Anselmo Luisi, Damon Arabsolgar


Ana Shametaj

Ana Shametaj

Ana Shametaj is a theatre director and filmmaker born in Durres (Albania) in 1991. After her graduation in theater direction at the Paolo Grassi School of Milan, she directed the British plays Let There Be Love by Kwame Kwei Armah (Teatro della Cooperativa — Milan, 2012), and Borderline by Hanif Kureishi (Piccolo Teatro — Milan, 2013) — both debuts of the british authors into Italian language. On 2012 she co-founded the artistic collective Kokoschka Revival, working as director for many theater shows (Trilogia del Triangolo, 2014, Lars — a portrait of Lars Von Trier, 2016; You Fight!, 2019), performed in international theaters. Meanwhile she keeps studying with the masters of the italian experimental theater field, collaborating with the historical italian theatre companies Teatro Valdoca, Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Odin Teatret Film and Studio Azzurro. Since 2019 she’s vice-president of The Azzurra”, non-profit organization based in LA promoting the italian culture in California.

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