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Winds of Heaven - Emily Carr, Carvers and The Spirits of The Forest

Winds of Heaven — Emily Carr, Carvers and The Spirits of The Forest

Michael Ostroff

Canada | 2010 | 1 h 27 min
Available on December 13, 2021.

Winds of Heaven is a ninety-minute filmic journey into the deep brooding mystery and inner beauty of Emily Carr’s paintings — a lyrical, luminescent and entertaining impression of the life of Carr and her connection to the First Nations people of the Northwest Coast of British Columbia. Michael Ostroff’s direction of John Walker’s award-winning camera and Edmund Eagan’s intimate music brings a sense of movement, grace and energy to the film. Diane D’Aquila’s layered and textured read presents a portrait of a living, breathing, tough, vulnerable, smart and ultimately sympathetic Emily Carr as has never before been brought to the screen.
Author Michael Ostroff
Director of Photography John Walker CSC
Editing Tai Zimmer
Cast Diane D'Aquila, Jani Lauzon
Narration Peter Raymont
Sound Leigh Uttley
Music Edmund Eagan


Michael Ostroff

Michael Ostroff

Michael Ostroff has been producing documentaries since first joining Crawley Films as a film editor in 1973. For most of his career Ostroff specialized in narrative historical documentaries exploring issues relating to Canada’s social history and the development of its cultural voice. His films are known for their understated, lyrical tone. Winds of Heaven — Carr, Carvers and The Spirits of the Forest was premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival ten years ago and was an official selection – In Competition — at the Festival International du Film Sur L’Art, Montréal 2011. Pegi Nicol: Something Dancing About Her (2005) was also In Competition at FIFA Montréal, 2006. Most recently, Ostroff completed a 33-minute documentary Justice and Dignity for all — exploring a 30-year struggle for pay equity by women delivering the mail for Canada Post.

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
Justice and Dignity For All: Stories from the Struggle for Pay Equity (2020) ; Winds of Heaven (2010) ; To Think Like A Composer (2006) ; Pegi Nicol: Something Dancing About Her (2005) ; Budge: The One True Happiness of F.R. Budge’ Crawley (2002) ; Canvas of War: The Art of World War Two (2000) ; Bridging The River Of Silence (1992).

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