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Yollotl (Coeur)

Yollotl (Coeur)

Fernando Colin Roque

France | 2020 | 17 min
Spanish |
Subtitles: French, English, Spanish
Jouer Trailer
Award for Best Short Film, FIFA 2022

Inspired by Mesoamerican mythology, Yollotl depicts the love story between two thousand-year-old trees in the Mayan rainforest that protect a secret. Through testimonies in Nahuatl from local children and a ritual song, the director connects the past and the present, questioning the place occupied by human beings on Earth and in the Universe.
Other festivals:
Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage, Germany (2021)
Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Switzerland (2020)
Director Fernando Colin Roque
Production Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains
Editing Chloé Belloc, Fernando Colin Roque, Mathilde Lavenne
Cast La Ceiba, Corazon Diaz, Edwin Guzman, Mariana Guzman, El Tule
Sound Design Nicolas VERHAEGHE

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Fernando Colin Roque

Fernando Colin Roque

Fernando Colin Roque (1989, Mexico) studied visual arts in Mexico before joining the Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains in France. Through his art-work, he tries to understand the human condition, as well as its contradiction, fragility, and ambiguity facing complex facts such as gender, migration, memory, and death. In 2008, he directed Songs of lowland, a documentary that won numerous awards. He participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus. He directed The Living Cry, a production of the Mexican Ministry of Culture, as well as the film Coba: Hope. Ikki Films is producing its next documentary La Vida es un Carnava.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
La vida es un carnaval (2021)
Dana, Carnaval y Tzompantli (2019)
COBA: Esperanza (2016)
Ixtlilco el Grito Más Vivo (2011)
Al canto del Bajio (2009)

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