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ARTS.FILM Partners with MMFA and Presents 2 Films on Wanda Koop for Free Viewing


ARTS.FILM Partners with MMFA and Presents 2 Films on Wanda Koop for Free Viewing

ARTS.FILM, the art film platform, is delighted to partner with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to present two documentaries on Canadian painter Wanda Koop for free viewing here.

On the sidelines of the Wanda Koop: WHO OWNS THE MOON exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts from April 11 to August 4, 2024, the short film NIX (2023) and the feature film KOOP (2011) – two documentaries by Katherine Knight on the Canadian painter will be available for free on ARTS.FILM for the duration of the exhibition.

KOOP still 1

KOOP by Katherine Knight
Canada | 2011 | 47 min | English | Subtitles: french

Painter Wanda Koop shows us what escapes us at first glance, what remains hidden, and pushes us to question our gaze and what we see. I paint and then I see.” The visionary Canadian artist Wanda Koop prepares new large-format paintings depicting archetypal cities and landscapes that are both familiar and disturbing.

Photo 2 William Eakin NIX 7

NIX by Katherine Knight and Anthony Von Seck
Canada | 2023 | 9 min | English | Subtitles: french

An ethereal experience of light and weather conditions unfolds within an ephemeral snow structure built on the Nestaweya ice trail in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Invited by the 2023 Warming Huts: An Arts + Architecture Competition on Ice, artist Wanda Koop, designer Thom Fougere, and a team of snow experts construct a contemporary snow fort functioning as an experiential land art piece. Light and sound reflect and resonate within a polar vortex at the geographic center of North America.

These online film screenings are presented by the Festival international du film sur l’art and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The screenings have been made possible thanks to the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts de Montréal and the Government of Quebec.