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Unveiling of the artist behind the trophies of the 42nd edition of Le FIFA


Unveiling of the artist behind the trophies of the 42nd edition of Le FIFA

The International Festival of Films on Art is committed to promoting Quebec’s artistic creation and wishes to highlight the talent of local artists. For the design of the 42nd edition trophies, the choice fell on Makiko Hicher, ceramist. By collaborating with the artist, Le FIFA wishes to pay tribute to the richness of Quebec’s crafts.

Makiko Hicer

Makiko Hicher was born in Japan. She left her native country to settle in France at the age of 21, and then moved to Quebec in 2011.

Her pieces, made of stoneware and fired in an electric kiln, are the result of a particular glazing technique. Using natural sponges, she applies the glaze much like she would paint a canvas. Her creations are inspired by the image of a work that, perhaps following a shipwreck, rests at the bottom of the waters for centuries, solitary, gradually covered by algae and shells, taking on the color of the surrounding oceans.

Her work is imbued with both sadness and poetry, evoking lost and abandoned objects that time gradually marks with its imprint. She also explores the idea of marine depths and aquatic chasms, sources of fascination tinged with romance and fear.

Makiko Hicher’s pieces, often representative of her style, are typically made of clay, her preferred material, and take on simple, natural forms. They bear the mark of time passing and altering things, imparting a secret relief and depth.