L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
A Monologue in the Intermission

A Monologue in the Intermission

Peter Vulchev

Bulgaria | 2018 | 24 min
Bulgarian |
Subtitles: English
Vessa Tonova, a Bulgarian classical ballet dancer, is getting ready to retire after 25 years. Performing Swan Lake for the very last time, she speaks of her past — and, more importantly, her future. An intimate conversation from the dancer’s dressing-room.
Director Peter Vulchev
Script Peter Vulchev
Editing Nevelin Vulchev
Cast Vessa Tonova
Sound mixing Veselin Zografov
Cinematography Peter Vulchev

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Peter Vulchev

Peter Vulchev

I am Peter Vulchev, a director, screenwriter producer and photographer, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
My journey with visual arts started ever since I could hold a camera. My natural curiosity to study and observe the humans and their emotional world led me to discover my biggest passion — to capture the most intimate moments of people locked in their hidden nets. Growing up in small Bulgarian town with local people who worship orthodox traditions and mythology has shaped my artistic perspective of the world. Therefore, magical realism is the foundation around which I build my work.
To me art is like a sincere mirror to reflect oneself.

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Chut.… chante pour moi ! (2013) ; Atelier (2014 — 2018) ; Un monologue dans l’intermission (2018) ; Bonne nuit, Lily (2020)

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