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Chemin d'empreintes et d'emprunts - Lisette Lemieux

Chemin d’empreintes et d’emprunts — Lisette Lemieux

Bruno Pucella

Canada | 2017 | 18 min
Directed by Bruno Pucella, this documentary follows Quebec sculptor Lisette Lemieux, who guides us on an immersive journey featuring a selection of her works for the Empreintes et Emprunts exhibit at the Université de Sherbrooke’s art gallery, curated by Laurier Lacroix.
Director Bruno Pucella
Editing Bruno Pucella
Music Mario Giroux

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Bruno Pucella

Bruno Pucella

Bruno Pucella has written and directed two documentaries and three short films, the last being Davaï, which was presented at eleven international festivals. He also has more than fifteen years of experience in sound design and sound recording. Mainly working on fiction movies, he also regularly collaborates on documentary films, as well as stage productions. As a musician, he integrates more and more music into his sound design, having recently composed the original soundtrack for a documentary and original music to accompany two dance shows.

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
Davaï (2014) ; L’Expérience Mars et Avril (2012) ; Le Gospel selon Vivienne (2011) ; Perle (2007) ; Interférences (2000).

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