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Danse, petit chef, danse !

Danse, petit chef, danse !

Eric Michel

France | 2017 | 53 min
Jouer Trailer
Through dance, theatre or slam, young artist Siman Wenethem shares his values of the Kanak native customs. In his everyday life in the capital city of Noumea, he shows to young people that a reappropriation of their culture is possible in New Caledonia. But since his father’s cancer started, the young artist is pondering a difficult decision. He’s destined to inherit the heavy burden of his father responsibility as a traditional chief on the island of Lifou. Will he agree to leave his friends and his artistic passions in Noumea to become, in his turn, the little chief” of his tribe?

Through the singular path of this young Kanak, the film explores how art, and especially how hip hop dance, can create a new form of dialogue and expression between Caledonian youth and their traditional culture.
Director Eric Michel
Production Eric Ellena


Eric Michel

Eric Michel

A graduate of the Sorbonne, Eric Michel studied theater and cinema then worked for television and film fiction as an assistant director and production manager. He directed and co-produced his first films in the early 2000s. Since then, he has collaborated with several institutions — the Forum des Images, the FACIM Foundation and the Shoah Memorial. He also produced events, directed more than fifty commissioned films, wrote and directed documentary projects for television and cinema, web documentaries and short fiction. History, geopolitics, cultures of the world, overseas, science and the environment, his films tackle a variety of subjects; recounting an ever-increasing complexity of the world, pursuing a cinematographic, aesthetic, subjective reflection, always favoring resolutely human approaches.

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Mounana, the Sound of Heritage (2019); Dance, Little Chief, Dance! (2017); Sadhus (2006)

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