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Dream Empire

Dream Empire

David Borenstein

Denmark | 2016 | 1 h 13 min
Chinese |
Subtitles: English
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This feature length film transports us to Western China, where the real estate boom in Chongqing attracted Yana, a young woman of 24. Seeing it as a chance at a prosperous life, she opens up an agency where she provides white monkeys” to Chinese real estate developers, where these strangers are dressed up in costumes, offering pitiful performances for inaugurations. While this grotesque circus goes on to reflect the fires of progress and prosperity in her country, Yana fights to reconcile this absurd charade with her rural roots.
Director David Borenstein
Editing Christian Einshoj, Anders Villadsen
Sound mixing Peter Schulz
Cinematography Lars Skree
Manager David Borenstein, Xiaobin Li
Music Jason Prover

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David Borenstein

David Borenstein

David Borenstein is an American director based in Copenhagen. His feature-length documentary Dream Empire premiered at IDFA 2016 and won the main competition at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. In his career as a director, he has worked with several TV channels. David has PhD training in anthropology and speaks fluent Chinese.

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