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Études for Augmented Piano

World Premiere

Études for Augmented Piano

Susan Rynard

Canada | 2021 | 13 min
Jouer Trailer
Venture into Eve Egoyans musical world with this beautifully made visual essay. Known as one of the greatest Canadian classical pianists of all time, Egoyan welcomes audiences into unknown territory with her insightful interpretations and playful compositions. Through snapshots, journal entries, and fragments from an enigmatic solo performance, learn how she produces her characteristic elusive sounds as she creates new work for augmented piano.

In presence of the film crew on March 19, 2023 at the Cinéma du Musée in Montreal
Director Susan Rynard
Director of Photography John Price
Editing Caroline Christie
Sound editing Phil Strong
Artist Eve Egoyan
Sound Design Dennis Patterson
Music Eve Egoyan

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• Cinéma du Musée - Auditorium Maxwell-Cummings
Sunday, march 19, 2023, 05:00 p.m. — 07:00 p.m.


Susan Rynard

Susan Rynard

Su Rynard is an award winning Canadian filmmaker. Her diverse body of work spans nearly three decades and embraces dramatic, documentary, experimental, and media installation. Feature films include; The Messenger (2015), Mosquito (2017) Kardia (2005). Challenging and enigmatic, her fifth feature film Duet for Solo Piano (2022) is intimate portrait of contemporary Canadian pianist Eve Egoyan. She is currently developing a feature documentary Seeing Green supported by The Redford Centre. Rynard is a graduate of Ontario College of Art and was a director resident at the Canadian Film Centre. She lives and works in Toronto.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
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Cinéma du Musée - Auditorium Maxwell-Cummings

Sunday, march 19, 2023, 05:00 p.m.

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