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GIANERICA - The Artist Couple Erica and Gian Pedretti

GIANERICA — The Artist Couple Erica and Gian Pedretti

Lucienne Lanaz

Switzerland | 2020 | 54 min
Artist Gian Pedretti (* 1924) says that poetry is a way to counter misfortune and injustice. From their youth, Gian and his wife, renowned writer and artist Erica Pedretti (* 1930), devoted themselves to art in this sense. How were they able to maintain the balance between life and art, raising five children together and living temporarily in poverty?

The film about Erica and Gian Pedretti draws on the sensuality of the works they bring together for their probably last joint exhibition, and reflects in cinematic images and flashbacks the unusual lingering attachment of this couple. Both are rather thrifty about themselves and their art — what remains are the cinematic observations of people and their works, so viewers can experience the poetry and beauty of this particular way of working and living.

In this cinematographic journey, the two artists share their world with us through their thought and creativity, their past and their daily life. With their wisdom, they open our eyes to the beauty and love of people like themselves, sharing with us their legacy for posterity.
Director Lucienne Lanaz
Coauthor Bärbel Dalichow
Author Lucienne Lanaz
Playwright Bärbel Dalichow
Editing Hans-Toni Aschwanden
Camera Hans-Toni Aschwanden
Voice 1. Miriam / 2. Charlotte / 3. Dominik 1. Japp /2. Heinimann / 3. Zeltner
Sound Nadja / Janosch Gubser / Röthlisberger
Sound mixing Rolf Büttikofer
Graphic Creation Mary Jo Fahrny
Concept Vincenzo Baviera
Video Sophie et Alain Laesslé
Manager René Graber
Music Corin Curschellas
Translation 1. Daniela / 2. Sylvie / 3. Geneviève / 4. Chasper 1. Cavadini / 2. Charmillot / 3. Clavel / 4. Pult

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Lucienne Lanaz

Lucienne Lanaz

Lucienne Lanaz was born on November 14, 1937 in Zurich. She currently lives in Grandval in the Bernese Jura. She has diplomas as a commercial employee and as a physical education teacher and has worked for several years in these fields. Since 1972, she has accepted mandates for different positions in various film production companies. Since 1974, she has directed and produced more than 30 documentary films. She has also been a member of the jury in several international festivals, was delegated to the European coordination of festivals and taught film reading at the Haute École fribourgeoise de travail social. She has led several workshops, notably in prisons.

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
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