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La vie bien remplie de Pierrick Sorin

La vie bien remplie de Pierrick Sorin

Cyril Leuthy

France | 2020 | 52 min
French |
Subtitles: French
For 30 years, Pierrick Sorin’s zany character has featured in videos replete with irony, illusions, and visual gags. By putting enchantment and humour first, Sorin both makes us laugh and makes us think. Although skilfully self-filmed, his work remains decidedly outward-looking, and his staunchly anti-elitist attitude drives an approach to art that favours broad accessibility. From his home turf in Nantes, this off-the-wall artist looks back at a very full career by revisiting works that have been enjoyed the world over. Still, beneath his comical, playful approach, Sorin makes no secret of his critical outlook and disillusionment with today’s world; beneath the magical veneer, the prosaic truth of our existential solitude is often exposed.
Director Cyril Leuthy
Author Cyril Leuthy
Editing Cyril Leuthy
Sound Jérémie Halbert
Cinematography Julien Bossé
Music Thomas Dappelo

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Cyril Leuthy

Cyril Leuthy

After his training at the Fémis, Cyril Leuthy began working as an editor in 2002. He collaborates with documentary authors like Philippe Béziat or Mark Kidel. La nuit s’achève is his first film as a director. After winning the Prix Spécial Regard Neuf at Visions du Réel in Nyon in 2015, the film started an important career in festivals around the world. He then wrote and directed several documentaries for television, often based on archives: Barbara, chansons pour une absente (Arte 2017), Carmen, Mimi, Violetta, romantiques et fatales (Arte 2018), Melville le dernier Samouraï (Arte 2020) or La vie bien remplie de Pierrick Sorin (France TV 2020). The portraits of artists and subjects related to art and music are at the heart of his work. He also directed l’Adieu à Solférino in 2018, co-written with journalist Grégoire Biseau.

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
Jean-Pierre Melville, le dernier Samouraï (2019) ; Carmen, Mimi, Violetta, romantiques et fatales (2018) ; L’adieu à Solférino (2018) ; Histoire(s) d’orchestre (2017) ; Barbara, chansons pour une absente (2017)

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