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Lars Eidinger - To Be or Not To Be

North American Premiere

Lars Eidinger — To Be or Not To Be

Reiner Holzemer

France, Germany, Austria | 2022 | 1 h 32 min
English, German |
Subtitles: French
Jouer Trailer
At 47 years old, Lars Eidinger is one of the most remarkable film and theater actors in Germany, having worked alongside Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Huppert, and Adam Driver. Discover for the first time his very personal approach to developing a new role as he provides an intimate insight into his work. Known for his unprecedented physical and emotional intensity as well as his devouring passion for improvisation, what motivates Lars Eidinger? How does he make the texts his own? How does he achieve that haunting emotiveness? This film testifies to his total commitment, extravagance, genius, and hypersensitivity.

He might be the greatest Shakespearean actor you’ve never heard of.“ - The New York Times
Heart-stopping“ - The Guardian
Eidinger’s style is punk Muppet.“ — The New Yorker
A tragic clown.” - Le Monde
A great documentary.“ - ELLE
Other festivals:
Filmfest Hamburg, Germany (2022)
International Film Festival, Austria (2022)
Director Reiner Holzemer
Script Reiner Holzemer
Director of Photography Reiner Holzemer
Production Reiner Holzemer Film
Associate Producer BR/ARTE
Editing Helmar Jungmann
Music Max Rieger

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• Cinéma du Musée - Auditorium Maxwell-Cummings
Thursday, march 21, 2024, 05:45 p.m. — 07:30 p.m.


Reiner Holzemer

Reiner Holzemer

Reiner Holzemer has been working as a documentary film director since 1983. The portraits of internationally renowned artists, especially from the fields of photography and fashion, are the focus of his work to date.

His film DRIES, which portrays fashion designer Dries Van Noten, and MARTIN MARGIELA IN HIS OWN WORDS have been shown at numerous film festivals around the world and sold in over 64 countries.

In 2020, the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER voted Reiner Holzemer’s film about Martin Margiela the best fashion documentary of the decade.
His latest documentary portrait about the exceptional actor Lars Eidinger premiered at Filmfest Hamburg and Vienna International Film Festival in October 2022.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Selected films:
Martin Margiela se raconte (2019)
Dries (2017)
Anton Corbijn — Most Wanted (2014)
Juergen Teller — Photographer (2011)

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