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L E   F I F A
La Nuit du court
This year, the International Festival of Films on Art (Le FIFA) offers an exceptional experience, its very first night dedicated to short films: La Nuit du court.

Le FIFA invites you to discover the best of short films on art.

Join us for a tailor-made evening, the fruit of a selection of short films that will transport you to the four corners of the globe, from Mexico to South Korea, via Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Canada and many other destinations.

Spiritual journeys to the heart of Mexico, performance on a desert island, artificial intelligence, Flemish painting, experimental theatrical space… these are just some of the themes of today’s most inspiring, innovative and captivating short films.

A night presented in partnership with the Festival Courts d’un soir.

Part 1 :
Caravane — Robin Pineda Gould. Canada. 2023. 15 min. French, English, Spanish. English subtitles.

Part 2 :
Gods and Machines — Santiago Sierra Soler. Mexique. 2023. 13 min. Spanish. English subtitles.
Les corps aqueux In the presence of Filémon Brault-Archambeault. Canada. 2022. 5 min. French. English subtitles.
D’une peinture… à l’autre — Georges Schwizgebel. Suisse, France. 2023. 3 min. Without dialogue.
Somewhere Unknown in Indochina In the presence of Asio Liu Chihsiung. Taïwan. 2023. 7 min. English.
Art Robots — In the presence of Mathieu Fortin. Canada. 2023. 6 min. Without dialogue.

Part 3 :
Earth.Sync In the presence of Alex Côté. Canada, Portugal. 2023. 2 min. Without dialogue.
BEWARE — Wrik Mead. Mexique. 2023. 13 min. English. French subtitles.
WATER 2 In the presence of Marc Kandalaft. Canada. 2024. 6 min. Without dialogue.
Stratis — Antonis Maros. Greece. 2023. 11 min. English.
Hubris In the presence of Jules de Niverville. Canada. 2023. 29 min. Without dialogue.

Part 4 :
NIX — Katherine Knight, Anthony Von Seck. Canada. 2023. 9 min. English.
Imagine Ocean In the presence of Jiekai Liao. Singapour. 2023. 18 min. Without dialogue
Si-Dodécalogue: Migrations — In the presence of Laura Bari. Argentina, Canada. 2024. 7 min. English, French, Spanish. English, French subtitles.
BOHYNI In the presence of Sasha Theodora. Canada. 2023. 7 min. Without dialogue.
La Grande Arche — Camille Authouart. France. 2023. 12 min. French. English subtitles.

Part 5 :
Perséphone — In the presence of Emilie Racine. Canada. 2023. 15 min. Without dialogue.
Voix de rêve — JiSun Lee. France. 2022. 10 min. Korean. French subtitles.
Tee Ken Ng — Ella Wright. Australia. 2023. 7 min. English.
Chamber of Shadows — Seyoung Ok. Corée du Sud. 2023. 11 min. Without dialogue.
The Show Through My Eyes — Carlo De Togni. Italy. 2023. 3 min. English

In Partnership with


• Université Concordia - H110, Pavillon Henry F. Hall
Saturday, march 16, 2024, 07:00 p.m. — 11:00 p.m.

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