L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A

World Premiere


Robin Pineda Gould

Canada | 2023 | 15 min
French, English, Spanish |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
This film will be presented during the event La Nuit du court on March 16, 2024 at Concordia University.

Part documentary, part poetic essay, Caravane offers an insight into the young immigrant community of Montréal-Nord going through language integration at school. Created as part of the ‘’Une école accueille un artiste’’ [A school welcomes an artist] program, this workshop showcases the authenticity and resilience of these young individuals, providing an intimate and educational perspective on integration.
Director Robin Pineda Gould, Robin Pineda Gould
Codirection Soeurs Schmutt
Director of Photography Robin Pineda Gould
Associate Producer Aurélie Spooren
Choreography Élodie Lombardo, Séverine Lombardo

In Partnership with


• Université Concordia - H110, Pavillon Henry F. Hall
Saturday, march 16, 2024, 07:00 p.m. — 11:00 p.m.


Robin Pineda Gould

Robin Pineda Gould

Born in Mexico, Robin Pineda Gould is a Montreal-based filmmaker and composer. His work explores the political dimensions of being and time. Working with a hybrid form of essay film, documentary and visual poetry, he uses different assortments of sound-images to deconstruct and reconfigure our structures of desire. He also works extensively with the performing arts, particularly contemporary dance.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
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