L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A

Canadian Premiere


Wojciech Gostomczyk

Poland | 2022 | 1 h 21 min
German, Polish |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
This film contains nudity or sexual elements that may not be suitable for some people. We prefer to warn you.

Based in Berlin, Leon, a sixty-year-old Polish performer and boyfriend of the iconic fashion designer Manfred Thierry Mugler, lives his artistic life to the fullest, immersing himself in intense, flamboyant, and exhausting physical performances, often naked, covered in paint, and adorned with colorful headdresses. Although society may sometimes be wary of him, he receives straightforward and encouraging support from Thierry, who understands him and encourages him in putting on his last grand show to heal his midlife crisis…
Other festivals:
Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, World Premiere, Greece (2023)
Millennium Docs Against Gravity, Special Mention In The Competition For First Appearance Award, Poland (2023)
Director Wojciech Gostomczyk
Director of Photography Marcin Sauter
Production Janusz Bogaczyk, Janusz Hetman, Anna Stylinska
Editing Katarzyna Orzechowska
Sound Marcin Lenarczyk EarWorks Studio


• Musée McCord Stewart
Thursday, march 21, 2024, 08:00 p.m. — 09:30 p.m.


Wojciech Gostomczyk

Wojciech Gostomczyk

Wojciech Gostomczyk is the CEO of Metrage Studio, which is a producer of feature films, including the latest film by Wojtek Smarzowski (Kler, The Wedding Day) who combines socially important films with big box office results. He is also a co-producer of Agnieszka Holland’s Charlatan shortlisted for Academy Awards. He recently founded a new production company, Lucky Bob, together with Smarzowski as a creative director. Currently, the company is producing Wojciech Smarzowski’s film under the working title The good house”. Wojciech graduated from the Warsaw Film School, where he directed short films. Leon is his directorial feature-length debut.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team

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