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MUSIC - A Family Tradition

MUSIC — A Family Tradition

Anthony Sherwood

Canada | 2001 | 46 min
Jouer Trailer
MUSIC — A Family Tradition is a musical documentary that travels across Canada and looks at four extraordinary Black Canadian families. In Montreal we feature Charlie Biddle and his family, as well as the Sherwood family. In Vancouver we meet the King family and in Toronto we hear the music of Jackie Richardson and her daughter, Kim Richardson. The film shows how these Black families have embraced music as a life-long tradition handed down from mother to daughter and from father to son. It is a story that captures some amazing performances of Black music from Gospel to Jazz to R&B.
Director Anthony Sherwood
Sound Recording Keith Ronnell
Camera Michael Sweeney
Technical Direction Ron Meraska

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Anthony Sherwood

Anthony Sherwood

Anthony Sherwood grew up in Montreal and is an award-winning actor, director, producer and playwright whose career spans over 40 years in stage, television and film. He has appeared in over 80 television and film roles and has performed with stars such as Sidney Poitier and Henry Fonda. Anthony comes from a musical family. His mother was a singer and his siblings are musicians and singers. Anthony’s aunt Portia White was Canada’s first famous Black classical singer. Anthony has traveled around the world producing documentary films that have received national and international recognition. Anthony Sherwood is the recipient on many awards including the Martin Luther King Achievement Award, the African-Canadian Achievement Award and the Planet Africa Award.

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