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Raôul Duguay par-delà La Bittt à Tibi

Raôul Duguay par-delà La Bittt à Tibi

Yves Langlois

Canada | 2020 | 1 h 20 min
A multidisciplinary artist and an iconic figure of the 1970s, singer-songwriter Raôul Duguay left a profound mark on Quebec’s artistic landscape. Now 82 years old, this humanist and multidisciplinary artist is always just as passionate about creating. Directed by his longtime friend Yves Langlois, the documentary captures the magic of Raôul Duguay’s creativity and brings together philosophy, music, poetry and painting. Seeking to penetrate the mystery of inspiration, the film showcases a deeply generous man with a unique creative process.
Director Yves Langlois
Script Yves Langlois
Editing Yves Langlois
Sound Josélise Surprenant
Cinematography Yves Langlois
Music Raôul Duguay
Lighting Pascal Dubuc

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Yves Langlois

Yves Langlois

Having received some fifteen awards on three continents, Yves Langlois has distinguished himself more than once for his rich portraits imbued with proximity and sensitivity. He received the prestigious Judith Jasmin award for best portraiture, all media included, for L’envol du monarque. He was nominated for the best portrait at the AJIQ for his film Mon ami Claude and he received the award for best committed documentary at the Montreal Human Rights Festival for his portrait of Claude Messier entitled Le dernier envol. This same film received the Grand Prize for Best Feature Documentary at the Perspektiva Festival in Moscow, Russia. On that occasion, he was honored in front of all the members of the House of Commons in Ottawa.

The biographies were provided by third parties.
Raôul Duguay par-delà La Bittt à Tibi (2020) ; L’autiste au tambour (2016) ; Enfants tyrans (2012); Mon ami Claude (2009) ; Le dernier envol (2009) ; L’envol du monarque (2005) ; J’veux pas aller à Saint-Charles-Borromée (2005).

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