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Rouge pamplemousse

Rouge pamplemousse

Mélissandre T-B

Canada | 2020 | 37 min
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This fascinating video work is an intriguing combination of poetry and contemporary gigue. As hinted by the title, Rouge pamplemousse explores the feeling of bitterness in all its forms. We find grapefruits that are acidic, dried out, amusing, juicy, or precious. Five locations that confine, confront, swallow, crush, or stain. A percussive dance that is powerful, raging, melancholic, anguished, or stifled. A poetry charged with confusion, weakness, guilt, poison, or disillusion. Carried by the rhythm of the dance, narrative, and locations, a triple dialogue is carved out between movements, words, and images. Bitterness is skewered, one segment at a time. A fast-flowing river, a church, a snowy hill: all are inhabited by the dancer who gives visual expression to the power of dance and the force of words.
Director Mélissandre T-B
Author Mélissandre T-B
Editing Philippe Meunier
Choreography Mélissandre T-B
Cast Mélissandre T-B
Narration Véronique Plasse
Sound Olivier Arseneault, Philippe Chrétien
Sound mixing Éric Beaudry
Cinematography Philippe Meunier
Costumes Cloé Alain-Gendreau, Camilhe Couton
Music Véronique Plasse, Véronique Plasse
Other Vincent-Nicolas Provencher, Jocelyn Thouin

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Mélissandre T-B

Mélissandre T-B

A graduate of the Jeune Ballet du Québec and holder of a certificate in creative writing, Mélissandre T‑B is a multidisciplinary artist working as a performer, choreographer, animator, author and, more recently, as a director.

Mélissandre’s choreography is inspired by jigging, ballet and contemporary dance. She won the Performing Arts Award at the Grands Prix Desjardins de la culture (2018) and took part in some 1000 performances with Cirque du Soleil as a jig specialist.

As an author, she published Parcelles de Turquie (2001), a short story in fragments, as well as the children’s album Éloi, le merle qui voulait chanter (2008).

Rouge pamplemousse is Mélissandre’s first video work.

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Rouge pamplemousse (2020).

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