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Secret City

Secret City

Astero Styliani Lamprinou

Belgium | 2020 | 16 min
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Secret City considers Brussels in a whole new way, through the choreography of director Astero Styliani Lamprinou (who is also one of the two dancers in the film). Céleste and Terrestre attempt to find each other during a short stay in the city of Brussels. A mysterious ability to see the past allows them to discover the remnants, and the transformations over time, of several iconic sites. Through a comparison with old postcards of the city from the early 1900s, the protagonists shift continually between past and present. Over the course of their fantastic voyage, they discover stunning spaces of all kinds. Brussels becomes an enormous set-piece for their adventure, which culminates in a utopian futurist architecture of multicoloured plastic from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.
Director Astero Styliani Lamprinou
Script Astero Styliani Lamprinou
Participation Bert De Keyser, Benjamin Vandewalle
Editing Yorgos Lamprinos
Choreography Astero Styliani Lamprinou
Cast Ana Cembrero Coca, Astero Styliani Lamprinou
Concept Astero Styliani Lamprinou
Sound Thomas Damas
Sound mixing Thomas Guillaume
Cinematographer Oliver Imfeld
Costumes Astero Styliani Lamprinou
Decoration Astero Styliani Lamprinou
Lighting Oliver Imfeld
Music Philippe Letalon
Other Jorge Piquer

In Partnership with

Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD)


Astero Styliani Lamprinou

Astero Styliani Lamprinou

Astero (Styliani Lamprinou) originally from Athens and based in Brussels, studied movement, dance, cultural theory and choreography, at the Laban Center and London Contemporary Dance School and completed a masters in Surrey University with a scholarship from A. Onassis foundation. She was predominantly a performer in various fields (contemporary dance, opera, theater, video, installation) in London, Ireland, Athens and Brussels. She has worked with Dance Theater of Ireland, English National Opera, English National Theater and with choreographers such as Yolande Snaith and David Hernandez. Her first short experimental dance film is Secret City (2020), a dancing passage in the city of Brussels with a comparison of the city in the early 1900s and today, and her second is Wall to Wall (2020), a site-specific dance film fantasy. Astero sees dance as living architecture and is very preoccupied with visual matters. Film is the ideal medium where she can combine unique visual, choreographic and surrealist ideas that can indulge people to enter into site specific fantasy.

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Wall to Wall (2020) ; Secret City (2020).

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