L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A


Marlene Millar

Canada, France | 2018 | 13 min
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Traverse underlines the power of five women through various experiences, combining dance, movement, and voice, that create a sense of unity on a path that is not personal but collective. The women occupy and cross various natural and artificial structures such as an old wall cut into a mountain, steps hewn from stone, a perilously narrow bridge. As they do so, they discover openings and connections and meet people sharing the same path. The film stands out for its original cinematography.
Director Marlene Millar
Editing Jules De Niverville
Choreography Sandy Silva
Cast Sonia Clarke, Afia Douglas, Hélène Lemay, Kimberly Robin, Sandy Silva
Sound mixing Félix Boisvert
Cinematographer Geoffroy Beauchemin
Music Jean Fréchette, Sandy Silva

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Marlene Millar

Marlene Millar

Marlene Millar has been creating dance-media projects for over 20 years. Independently and through Mouvement Perpétuel, co-founded with Philip Szporer, she has won numerous awards internationally for her dance films. With a background in contemporary dance and design, Montreal filmmaker Marlene Millar is active in the filmmaking community, and a long standing member of the Documentary Organization of Canada.
Pilgrimage (2017) ; Move (2017) ; Bhairava (2017) ; 1001 Lights Installation (2016) ; Lay Me Low (2015) ; Quarantaine (2011) ; Byron Chief-Moon: Grey Horse Rider (2008) ; The Greater the Weight (2007)

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