L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
Water 1
The short film explores the connection between matter, reality, life, and the absurdity of human thought. The director uses sound to deceive our senses and inject confusion. Through image he highlights the beauty and complexity of natural elements and their patterns in a style reminiscent of pictorialist photography, where evocative beauty takes precedence over faithful representation of reality.
Director Marc Kandalaft
Concept Marc Kandalaft
Cinematographer Marc Kandalaft


Marc Kandalaft

Marc Kandalaft

Marc Kandalaft is a video-photographer, a creative director and a graphic designer based in Montreal, Canada. He is the founder of RAP Agency (Rethink; Act; Provoke) and the leader behind Inspire — Play — Innovate, a workshop program exported worldwide with ico‑D. Throughout the years he has partaken in several art/​architecture, fashion as well as printed projects — while making of cultural identities & strategic branding his trademarks. His recent works are more focused on the video-photography of immersive projects where multisensorial, cinematic ambiances prevail.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
33 33 33 (2018)
Sovereign State (2015)

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