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ARTS.FILM: New Winter Programming

ARTS.FILM: New Winter Programming

David Hockney, Albrecht Dürer, Barbra Streisand, Kim Novak, Phyllis Lambert, Jamie Lee Curtis, Vincent van Gogh, Umberto Eco… Photography, architecture, visual arts, cinema, literature, dance, artist portraits, and many others. Starting December 22nd, 56 titles will be added, complementing the existing catalog of more than 600 films available at any time throughout Canada. 

Including, among other things, exceptional works dedicated to architecture, dance, cinema, captivating biographical portraits, moving pictorial masterpieces, as well as a series of cinematic gems still unknown to the public, this season once again, ARTS.FILM offers you eclectic content from here and beyond. It will appeal to seasoned cinephiles as well as those who are seeking cultural and artistic discoveries of all kinds.

Must-see Artist Portraits

ARTS.FILM continues to curate the finest artist portraits for you. From the iconic David Hockney (David Hockney at The Royal Academy of Arts by Phil Grabsky) to the Spanish painter Francisco Goya (Goya: Visions of Flesh and Blood by David Bickerstaff) and the filmmaker who revolutionized the portrayal of Black people on screen, Melvin Van Peebles (Naissance d’un héros noir au cinéma by Catherine Bernstein and Martine Delumeau), don’t miss our selection of films that will enlighten you about these masterful figures in the art world.

At the Heart of Pictorial Masterpieces

Explore 15 new films that will immerse you in the heart of pictorial masterpieces. From Edvard Munchs The Scream to The Virgin with the Spindle, whose authorship could be attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, and Racines, the very last painting by Vincent Van Gogh on the day of his suicide, let yourself be captivated by foundational brushstrokes.

Femmes d’exception

Dive into the heart of captivating stories and challenges overcome by luminous women who have profoundly shaped our imagination and popular culture. With Kim Novak, l’âme rebelle d’Hollywood by Jessica Menendez, discover the meteoric rise of this Hollywood star, her resistance within the industry, and notably her deemed scandalous relationship with the African-American actor and singer Samy Davis Junior. Barbra Streisand, naissance d’une diva by Nicolas Maupied offers privileged and unprecedented access to the life and work of the legendary funny girl” who became the first female mega-star (two Oscars, nine Golden Globes, eight Grammy Awards, five Emmy Awards, and more). With Jamie Lee Curtis, un cri de liberté à Hollywood by Valérie Jourdan, be inspired by the genre cinema icon. Also, explore the little-known portrait of a young girl who became one of the most beloved and internationally recognized actresses with an unpublished film dedicated to the legendary actress Alida Valli (Alida by Mimmo Verdesca). ARTS.FILM also presents Rêveuses de villes by Joseph Hillel, a documentary highlighting the achievements of four architecture pioneers: Phyllis Lambert, Blanche Lemco van Ginkel, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, and Denise Scott Brown.

Changing Perspectives

In line with Le FIFA, which celebrates diversity in all its forms, ARTS.FILM is committed to shining a light on even more voices, perspectives, and narratives. In this spirit, we present films that offer new insights, opening windows to identities, cultures, and territories too often overlooked. Presented as part of the carte blanche at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris during the last edition of Le FIFA, the film Lits défaits by Lebanese filmmaker Davina Maria explores the realities of LGBTQIA2S+ communities in the Arab world through a poignant journal.

In direct connection with the reality of a country grappling with oppression, poverty, and natural disasters, Kite Zo A (Leave the Bones) by Kaveh Nabatian is a sensory film about rituals in Haiti, from ancient to modern, created in collaboration with poets, dancers, musicians, fishermen, roller enthusiasts, and Voodoo priests, featuring poems by Haitian author Wood-Jerry Gabriel.

Architecture in Motion

ARTS.FILM continues to showcase architecture in its programming. Among the must-sees, Inside Renzo Piano Building Workshop by Claudia Adragna and Davide Fois opens the doors to the studio of the Italian architect Renzo Piano, an iconic figure in contemporary architecture. Additionally, La vie en kit by Elodie Degavre, is a unique film that highlights citizen participation, social cohesion, the concept of community, and questions the future of our living spaces through the stories of four pioneering Belgian architects who have been building self-managed spaces since the 1970s.

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