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À quoi pense Madame Manet (sur son canapé bleu)

À quoi pense Madame Manet (sur son canapé bleu)

Hervé Le Roux

France | 2017 | 59 min
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What is Madame Manet thinking about (on her blue sofa) is the last film by Hervé Le Roux, former critic for the Cahiers du cinema, who passed away in July 2017. Starting from the image of a woman and trying to get a little closer to her secret, while going through the work and life of the painter. This film is based on the fascination for an image of a woman that becomes the starting point for a journey among other images, in this case, all the painter’s other models.
Director Hervé Le Roux
Author Hervé Le Roux
Editing Julie Dupré
Narration Hervé Le Roux
Sound Sandy Notarianni
Sound mixing Emmanuel Croset
Cinematography Carole Ardoin
Graphic Creation Dan Rapaport
Music Manuel Bleton
Other Harold Presson, Amine Berrada

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Hervé Le Roux

Hervé Le Roux

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