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Actions 2

Actions 2

Canada, Belgium | 32 min
English |
Subtitles: French
Actions 2

Actions 2, a brief program of four recent short films, explores the question of listening and its inseparable relationship to the body. It highlights artists whose work is associated with experimental cinema (Charlotte Clermont and Guillaume Vallée), performance and improvisation (a collaboration between director Laurie Kwasnik and artist Nobuo Kubota), and sound art (Stijn Demeulenaere). We listen not merely with our ears, but also with our own stories, our memories and our other senses.

dream less  — Charlotte Clermont. Canada. 2020. 4 min. No dialogue.
Charlotte Clermont conjures up intimacy, sensuality, reality, and the dreamworld in this film featuring excerpts from Stephen A. Mitchell’s Can Love Last? alongside her own texts. A tale in the making, for those who are dreamless.
North American Premiere

Sonic Scores  — Laurie Kwasnik. Canada. 2018. 6 min. No dialogue.
Nobuo Kubota, a Canadian visual artist and performer renowned for his vocal performances and improvisations, is filmed here in a private session by Laurie Kwasnik. Her visual mosaic bears witness to the singularity and mobility of this improvisation: the body as sonic device.
Quebec Premiere

Monsieur Jean-Claude  — Guillaume Vallée. Canada. 2021. 7 min. English. French subtitles.
Guillaume Vallée re-examines conceptions of masculinity by deconstructing some of the images he watched repeatedly as a child. 72 photograms constructed from a 35mm trailer of JCVD’s opus The Quest (1996) serve as raw material for this film, with a soundtrack by Hazy Montagne Mystique.
World Premiere

Listen to Me (Remix 30920) — Stijn Demeulenaere. Belgium. 2020. 14 min. English. English subtitles.
Listen to Me Remix explores the listener’s role. It invites you to listen. To imagine listening. And in imagining other people’s listening, to imagine your own. The title also refers to the fact that we never listen with our ears alone, but also with our own history, our own memories, and our other senses.
World Premiere
Director Charlotte Clermont, Stijn Demeulenaere, Laurie Kwasnik, Guillaume Vallée

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