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Fellini premières fois

Quebec Premiere

Fellini premières fois

Paul Tana

Canada | 2020 | 31 min
French |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
To mark Fellini’s centenary, director Paul Tana wanted to highlight the filmmaker’s remarkable contribution to global cinema. He discovered an interview with Claude Jutra and Michel Brault dating from 1957, in which they spoke to Federico Fellini in New York. With this interview as his starting point, he collected testimonies from several generations of Quebec filmmakers who joined him at the iconic Café Italia in Montreal to tell of their first encounter with Fellini’s films. The result is a collection of heartfelt stories that speak to the Italian director’s extraordinary creative freedom.
Italian Contemporary Film Festival, Toronto (2020)
Director Paul Tana
Production Francesco D'Arelli, Institut italien de culture de Montréal/EDM-UQAM
Editing Jacob Marcoux
Sound Marie-Kathryne Viens
Sound mixing Clovis Gouaillier
Cinematographer Michel Caron
Graphic Creation Laurent Pinabel
Animation Benjamin Gagné
Music Gabriel Thibaudeau

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Paul Tana

Paul Tana

Paul Tana is a Québec filmmaker of italian origin living in Montréal. His feature length films address themes related to the immigration process: identity, belonging, marginalization. Among his most important films : « Caffè Italia Montréal » (1985), « La sarrasine » (1992) « La déroute » (1998). « Firsts with Fellini» (2020) is his fourth film based on a work exploring archives, interviews, drawings, animations, voice over, musical minimalism, in the context of the short form.
He is an associate professor at UQAM’s École des medias.

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