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Carte blanche à NOWNESS

Carte blanche à NOWNESS

English, Japanese, Arabic, Thai |
Subtitles: English
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No foreigner to FIFA, the british plateform NOWNESS curated a Carte Blanche around experimentation.

Program: NOWNESS Experiments
Strap in for NOWNESS Experiments, a program of short films dedicated to unorthodox moving-image culture. Pushing innovations in CGI, 3D animation, and video art, NOWNESS’ festival line-up shines a spotlight on world-class digital creatives at the vanguard of experimental cinema. The screening will feature work from fashion’s most in-demand artist Quentin Jones and award-winning filmmaker Marc Johnson. Furthermore, projects from Lebanese directors Aya Atoui and Anthony Sahyoun and American-Japanese filmmaker Sonia Royal will explore speculative futures and imagined histories. As a FIFA exclusive, NOWNESS will also be screening a canadian premiere of Care More, a dimension-shifting animation from multimedia artist Thomas Rawle.

It Was Fine — Quentin Jones. USA. 2020. 2 min. English.
Mixed-media artist Quentin Jones reimagines your lockdown life in a riotous moving collage.

Ultraviolet — Marc Johnson. France. 2020. 8 min. Thai. English subtitles.
Unnerving interspecies entanglements that come with a sting.

Momotaro — Sonia Royal. USA. 2020. 6 min. Japanese. English subtitles.
Japanese kabuki traditions and masculinity are reimagined in a South Florida landscape.

Shabah el Rih — Aya Atoui and Anthony Sahyoun. Lebanon. 2020. 11 min. Arabic.
A crumbling Lebanese theater sets the stage for a haunting ghost opera.

Care More — Thomas Rawle. United Kingdom. 2021. 12 min. English.
A dimension-shifting animation.
Canadian Premiere
Director Aya Atoui, Quentin Jones, Marc Johnson, Sonia Royal, Thomas Rawle, Anthony Sahyoun

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