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Ena's Goyesque
Every year, in the ancient Roman arena of Arles, a fresco in the style of Spanish artist Francisco de Goya is created as a backdrop for the grand corrida. For this unique event, an artist is commissioned to produce the monumental painting on the arena floor. To this day, American artist Ena Swansea is the only woman and the only American to have received the commission. Inspired by her visit to the Camargue, the artist’s ephemeral piece, a sky-blue oval overlaid with the black silhouettes of bulls, will long remain in the memories of those who witnessed it. Ena’s Goyesque is a film about the artist’s experience; a meditation, at once dreamlike and visceral, that melds spectacular images of the corrida with the creation process. A deep reflection on the myth of the bull in humanity’s history.
Director Christopher Burke


Christopher Burke

Christopher Burke

Christopher Burke :
Studied theater and photography in college and moved to NYC following the theater dream.
Began working in and around galleries and became interested in photography of art. Founded Christopher Burke Studios, LLC, (AKA; Shootart​.com), in Chelsea, Manhattan shooting stills and video mostly in New York City, and in Los Angeles.

First feature
The skill-set demanded by this work merged with the love of theater and has evolved into an urge to create fuller dramatic experiences.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team

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