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Carte blanche au Festival Fotogenia

Carte blanche au Festival Fotogenia

Mexico | 1 h 16 min
Spanish |
Subtitles: English
Fotogenia is a young film festival held in the heart of Mexico City. A celebration of cinema itself and a space for the alternative conception of films, it also promotes experimentation and avant-garde frameworks. We welcome curiosity; exploration of the Seventh Art via experimentation with its nature, formats, genres, and narratives; and the freedom to discover the audiovisual image without restriction. FIFA is thrilled to have invited Fotogenia to present a program of their choice.

Everyone is invited. The disruptive nature of the selected works provokes interrogation of the cinematographic image, its frontiers, and its limits of projection, in order to converse with the audience in innovative and critical ways, and to ignite a confrontation between reality and cinematic phenomenon.

That FIFA — a major festival with a long tradition, exclusive programming, and a multimedia agenda — has opted to partner with Fotogenia brings us joy, enthusiasm, and optimism for the extraordinary context we are living through. It is also an electrifying and delightful inspiration for us to work hard and follow in its footsteps.

We feel greatly honoured to take part in the 39th FIFA with a special screening of a Mexican Short Film Selection from our two past editions. It is with humbleness and gratitude that we celebrate the beginning of a long-lasting friendship and collaboration between our festivals to promote art, cinema, and life!” — Christian Pacheco Cámara, President and Director of Fotogenia

Marea — Vania Quevedo. Mexique. 2019. 17 min. No dialogue. Canadian Premiere.
On the shores of a desolate beach, the tide cycle begins, a shark hunter, from the fishing ritual, experiences the strongest symptoms of his condition and nature.

Lo poco que entra la luz ahi — Alexandra Ballesteros. Mexique. 2020. 9 min. Spanish. English subtitles. Canadian Premiere.
Filmed at the beginning of the pandemic, this film expresses the visceral sense of change and uncertainty, the re-encounter with my family and with it, to inquire into the past and in certain conversations that occurred during that period of confinement.

Reset — Alexandra Castellanos. Mexique. 2019. 9 min. Spanish. English subtitles. Canadian Premiere.
Victoria’s existence fading through her memories. A short film built with found footage and animation.

Buscador — Javier González Benavides. Mexique. 2019. 9 min. Spanish. English subtitles. Canadian Premiere.
Some fishermen in the coastal region of Michoacán tell that they have seen planes throwing naked bodies into the sea. Some days later, most of them appear on beaches and shores.

Te necesito ya — Cremance. Mexique. 2017. 15 min. Spanish. English subtitles. Montreal Premiere.
A teenage girl with Down syndrome falls in love with an albino guy. In some fantastical way she sees the guy as her most beloved character from The Ugly Duckling, the tale they read together.

Poliangular - Alexandra Castellanos. Mexique. 2017. 8 min. No dialogue. Canadian Premiere.
Searchers pursue mysterious objects that seem to be unreachable. They want to find out what those secret forms are and what will happen once they catch them.

Una ceguera temporal — Alan Armas de la Rosa. Mexique. 2020. 9 min. Spanish. Sous-titres en anglais. Canadian Premiere.
After suffering a sudden illness that deprives him of his sight almost completely, the Mexican artist Gilberto Estrada translates his impressions into an abstract pictorial work inspired by his suffering. Through a sensory and poetic journey, Temporary Blindness” immerses us in the most significant passages of his disease during the first days of its appearance.
Director Alexandra Ballesteros, Vania Quevedo, Javier González Benavides, Alexandra Castellanos, Cremance, Alan Armas De La Rosa

In Partnership with

Concordia University /  Faculty of Fine Arts

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