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Carte blanche à Ronald Rose-Antoinette

Carte blanche à Ronald Rose-Antoinette

French, English, Spanish, Creole |
Subtitles: English
In collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal (MAC), the FIFA has chosen to honour Ronald Rose-Antoinette, academic, writer and independent curator, with a carte blanche for this year’s edition.

Program choeur, parle à travers la vie
If they were to give us the licence to have our mouths open and express ourselves, speak our tongue and make them chew it, all but confused when we pull back, we would have to break it, all of it, and let it be rumoured how deep, how lewd our chorus is.

Giving the cold shoulder to the moralism that isolates a cry from the hum, a talk from the pointless, a slant from the dense, the films crowding in and out of this program cause for a practice of congregating, away from the gift of, as if to say by, comprehension. The playfulness of language — or better said, its poetic, stubborn viscosity — is a variation on and of a crude invitation: while mourning that unsettling, more-than-occasional effect of those who breathe through our breath; if all that is sowed or collaged comes across as noise, what we never stood for is a grammar to sense properly. So, please, stay with us! As for where this is not departing: maybe, for now, a resolution would do the trick… to set forth a destination, anguished over the delicate subsistence of a grounding, realist magic. But back to you, inconsolable, you know the force of poetry has to do with such arrival. Its frustration, so voluble. If only because, all along, it’s been a popular, choral effect to talk through life” -Ronald Rose-Antoinette

Erotica Romance — Kengné Téguia. France. 2015. 4 min. English.

What Happens to a Dream Deferred — Esery Mondesir. Canada. 2020. 24 min. Creole, Spanish and English. English subtitles.

A Feeling Like Chaos — Suné Woods. USA. 2015. 4min. English, Spanish and French.

NIBI — Darlene Naponse. Canada. 2020. 4 min. No dialogue.

4 Waters: Deep Implicancy - Denise Ferreira da Silva and Arjuna Neuman. USA and United Kingdom. 2019. 31 min. English. English subtitles.

Moon Tendon — Jamilah Sabur. USA. 2015. 12 min. English.
Director Kengné Téquia, Suné Woods, Esery Mondesir, Denise Ferreira Da Silva, Jamilah Sabur, Darlene Naponse, Arjuna Neuman

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