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Stop Filming Us
This documentary could easily have been another in the long list of films about an African country as seen by a Westerner. But according to Dutch filmmaker Joris Postema, it is the local African artists and citizens who steer this film. He hands over to a group of young people in Goma in the DRC who speak for themselves. They are critical of the flood of biased information that represents their country solely through images of war, violence, disease, and poverty, all of which serve to perpetuate stereotypes. Colonialism and the legitimacy of filming in one’s own country are among the issues raised by the local artists who cast a critical eye on foreign film production. The film shows a public who are engaged and interested in decrypting current events, while Postema’s camera lucidly captures testimonies and contradictory forces.
Movies that Matter, The Netherlands (2020)
Human Rights Film Festival Berlin, Germany (2020)
Mill Valley Film Festival, United States (2020)
Director Joris Postema
Production Janneke Doolaard
Cinematography Wiro Felix

In Partnership with

Le Cinéma sous les étoiles de Funambules Médias


Joris Postema

Joris Postema

Joris Postemas (1973) debut documentary FC Rwanda’ premiered at IDFA (2013) and was screened all over the world; from Ivory Coast to Denmark and from Canada to Italy. DOXY produced his second film DAAN’S INHERITANCE’ which premiered at IDFA in 2016, followed by a cinema release. His third film BASS-MEN’ — also produced by DOXY — premiered in 2019 and portrays famous Dutch bass player Henny Vrienten and his bass playing son Xander. Joris’s documentaries uncover stories that are hidden beneath the surface.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
FC Rwanda (2013)

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