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La folle aventure de Louis de Funès

North American Premiere

La folle aventure de Louis de Funès

Lucie Cariès

France | 2020 | 1 h 38 min
Jouer Trailer
For generations of viewers, Louis de Funès was synonymous with the larger-than-life characters he embodied on screen. But who really was this extraordinary comic actor? Cut with excerpts of his films, this documentary retraces the wild adventure” that saw a young jazz pianist reinvent his career as an actor, building up his experience with small roles before making his breakthrough in the 1960s with box-office hits such as Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez, Fantômas, and Le Corniaud. It also uncovers something of the man behind the comedian. Family archives, excerpts from interviews, and quotes from his journal reveal his many sides: a romantic and a family man; anxiety-stricken and environmentally conscious; an artist who took nothing for granted, strove to evolve as a performer, and always pushed himself to the height of his potential. An expansive portrait of one of the 20th century’s best-known actors in French cinema.
Director Lucie Cariès
Editing Fabienne Alvarez-Giro, Joséphine Petit
Voice Isabelle Nanty
Cinematographer Martin Blanchard, Maurizio Tiella
Music Eric Slabiak

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Lucie Cariès

Lucie Cariès

Available in French only

Lucie Cariès est réalisatrice de documentaires politiques, historiques et culturels : « Mitterrand — Rocard, la haine et le mépris » (2014) ; « Les Présidents et l’argent » (2015).
Elle filme également la création théâtrale avec « La vie de la troupe » (1999), « La place du chœur » (2008), « TgStan, Impromptu » (2009). Elle dessine le portrait de comédiens tel que Lino Ventura dans « Ventura, une histoire d’homme » (2017) et Louis de Funès, « La Folle Aventure de Louis de Funès » (2020).

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Selected films:
La Pelerinage de Mansa Musa (2020)
La Fondation de Rome (2019)
Venture, une histoire d’homme (2017)
Le Serment du jeu de paume (2017)
Hiroshima (2017)

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