L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
This film is part of the FIFA Experimental section program MIGRATIONS.
Presented only in theatres

Azar Saiyar ponders over what remains and what gets lost when things become museum objects. Many details have gone missing, but the museum objects of the Satakunta Museum (Pori, Finland) still carry the strong presence of the water that runs next to it: things that the river and the sea have carried, that were born, that live or once lived because of their proximity. Aurinkokirja is a meditation on the presence, erosion and transmission of perceptions.
Other festival:
Minimalen SFF, Norway (2024)
Director Azar Saiyar
Editing Azar Saiyar
Camera Azar Saiyar
Sound Kirsi Korhonen
Other Joonas Kiviharju

In Partnership with

Concordia University /  Faculty of Fine Arts
Sous la fibre


• Université Concordia - J.A. de Sève, LB-125, Pavillon J. W. McConnell
Friday, march 15, 2024, 05:30 p.m. — 07:30 p.m.


Azar Saiyar

Azar Saiyar

Azar Saiyar is a Helsinki-based filmmaker and visual artist. She often uses archive materials and plays with images and words of collective memory to look towards ways of looking, remembering and storytelling. Her films have been screened at international film and media art festivals, galleries, exhibitions, museums and broadcast on television.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Selected films:
My Home (2021)
Laila´s Apple (2021)
Tell me (2019)
History Bleeds Under Your Fingernails (2016)
Snowsandrainpaper (2006)

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