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Carte blanche : Institut du monde arabe - Paris

Carte blanche : Institut du monde arabe — Paris

For this 41st edition, Le FIFA is pleased to welcome the Carte Blanche of the Arab World Institute in Paris

The Arab World Institute in Paris presents until March 19 the exhibition Habibi, les révolutions de l’amour, composed of contemporary works around LGBTQIA2S+ identities. Photography, painting, video, installations, testify to the struggles being played out in the Arab world to be able to freely express their gender identity and sexuality. A rich program of cultural activities has been developed in relation to the exhibition since its opening. Performances, dance, music, literature, clubbing, lecture series, and book presentations allow visitors to explore the subject in greater depth and to discover all aspects of a lively and intellectual creation in full bloom. Cinema and artists’ videos are a major component of this creation. Sometimes moving, delicate, intimate, poetic, or exuberant, militant, political, these works explore the question of plural identities and participate in their own way to push back the limits of traditional codes of representation. As part of the carte blanche that FIFA has given the IMA’s Cultural Action Department and its Cinema Unit, the IMA wanted to share with the festival’s audience a selection of the films recently programmed within its walls as part of Habibi, les révolutions de l’amour.“

Frédérique Mehdi, Director of Cultural Activities and
Layane Chawaf, in charge of the cinema

This Carte Blanche will be divided in two screenings.

March 18:
Houbout — Chantal Partamian. Canada. 2020. 2 min. Arabic. English subtitles.
La casquette — Hadi Moussally. France. 2022. 3 min. French. English subtitles.
Bellydance Vogue — Hadi Moussally. Liban, France, Spain. 2020. 5 min. Arabic. French subtitles.
Athaar — Zara Naber. Liban. 2019. 5 min. English. English subtitles.
Ishtar — Mia Georgis. United Kingdom. 2022. 5 min. No dialogue.
Les derniers paradis — Sido Lansari. Morocco, France. 2019. 14 min. French. English subtitles.
Lits défaits — Davina Maria. Liban. 2018. 19 min. French, Arabic. French subtitles.
Beirut Dreams in Color — Michael Collins. United States, Liban. 2022. 28 min. English, Arabic. English subtitles.

March 25:
Chic Point — Sharif Waked. Israel. 2003. 7 min. No dialogue.
The Art of Sin — Ibrahim Mursal. Norway, Sudan. 2020. 58 min. Arabic, Norwegian, English. French subtitles.
Director Chantal Partamian, Hadi Moussally, Zara Naber, Mia Georgis, Sido Lansari, Davina Maria, Michael Collins, Sharif Waked, Ibrahim Mursal

In Partnership with

Institut du monde arabe


• Cinéma du Musée - Auditorium Maxwell-Cummings
Saturday, march 18, 2023, 08:00 p.m. — 10:00 p.m.
• Musée McCord Stewart
Saturday, march 25, 2023, 07:00 p.m. — 09:00 p.m.

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