L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A


Sunjha Kim

Germany, South Korea | 2019 | 18 min
Korean |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
Based on a shamanic song, this film combines the art of documentary with poetic narration to immerse us in the universe of the turtle, right from its birth and first contact with the world. But it also explores the symbolic nature of the turtle for humans, who have seen a particular significance in the phallic form of the turtle’s head, believed to be linked to fertility. The turtle’s shell and eggs are also endowed with meaning. Gujiga is an ode to the turtle as well as a reminder of the bonds that unite animals and humans. This connection, which is echoed in myths and symbols across many different cultures, is newly illuminated in the words and images of South Korean director Sunjha Kim.
Director Kim Sunjha
Sound Lucas Coelho de Carvalho
Sound mixing Judith Nordbrock
Cinematography Rikisaburo Sato
Music Minhee Park

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Sunjha Kim

Sunjha Kim

Sunjha Kim was born in 1983 in South Korea. She has been living in Cologne, Germany since 2007. Her short films have been shown in various film festivals including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Images Festival Toronto (Vtape Award for Best Student Video), Visions du Réel and Palm Springs International ShortFest.

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