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J'ai rêvé Carthage

North American Premiere

J’ai rêvé Carthage

Cyril Nehmé

France, Lebanon | 2021 | 24 min
French |
Subtitles: English
In this short fiction film, Maïa, a young opera singer, is on stage for her first performance. As she begins the main aria of the opera Dido and Aeneas, she is suddenly confronted with a revelation.
Other festivals:
Moscow Shorts Festival, Russia (2021)
Culture Cinema, India (2021)
Director Cyril Nehmé
Line Producer Dalia Naous
Editing Marie Bottois
Camera Sinan Culha
Cast Simona Morini, Marguerite Mousset, Marc-Antoine Vaugeois
Sound Robin Tassel


Cyril Nehmé

Cyril Nehmé

Cyril Nehmé is a Lebanese filmmaker living in Paris. Fond of classical music, he started learning lyrical singing at the age of 18 alongside his film studies. He also decided to learn the cello a few years later. His first short film People Disappear All the Time” has been selected in several film festivals such as FIDMarseille 2014, and won the Grand Prize at the Original Narrative Film Festival in Dubai.
Cyril develops in his films a craft lying on the borders of cinema and visual arts, but also imbued with his passion for opera. His latest film I Have Dreamed Carthage” was approached in that light.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
I Have Dreamed Carthage (2021)
People Disappear All the Time (2013)

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