L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
Le dernier Nataq

Le dernier Nataq

Lisette Marcotte

Canada | 2019 | 1 h 15 min
Available on April 15, 2022.

Originally from Abitibi, filmmaker Lisette Marcotte set out to search for her roots. She wanted to better understand the soul of her native land, which was also home to Richard Desjardins, whose writing opened the world’s eyes to the region. In this journey through Rouyn-Noranda, images and encounters help us piece together the history of mining, still deeply imprinted on the area. We hear from artists and local residents, as well as from Richard Desjardins in an expansive and generous dialogue with the filmmaker. This documentary is a compelling homage to a poet and the land he calls home.
Director Lisette Marcotte
Editing Lisette Marcotte
Artists Annie Boulanger, Annie Hamel, Valérie Hamelin, Ariane Ouellet, Johannie Rochette, François Ruph, Brigitte Toutant
Sound mixing Éric Tessier
Cinematographer Virgil Héroux Laferté
Music Richard Desjardins

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Lisette Marcotte

Lisette Marcotte

Lisette has many years of experience as a writer and director. She won the 2013 Gemini Award for Best Director for the documentary series La reine du foyer. In 2008, Trisomie 21, Défi Pérou, her very touching and deeply human feature documentary, won the Audience Award at the International Film Festival in Abitibi-Témiscamingue and also at the Sept-îles, Baie-Comeau and Gatineau film festivals. DINO LAB, a docudrama about dinosaurs for Discovery has been translated and broadcast in over 40 countries. Democracy in the Congo, a documentary she wrote and directed, was presented at the UN as part of an international peace mission. She also won 2 Gémeaux awards with the team of Maux d’amour for best documentary series and best photo direction. Entre les larmes et l’espoir, her documentary tackling the genocide in Rwanda received the Best Canadian Film Award at the Vues d’Afrique festival.

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
Le dernier Nataq (2019) ; Dans les pas (Historia) ; Le jour où je n’ai pas pu plonger (2018) ; Les Grecs (20142015) ; Mordus de course (2015) ; De père en fils (2014) ; Golden nugget (2013) ; Moyen âge, Québec (20132014) ; La reine du foyer et papa a raison (20112012) ; Joanna Comtois: l’espoir d’une petite fille extraordinaire (2011) ; Le sexe autour du monde (2010) ; Destination cauchemar (2010) ; Un mal pour un bien (2010) ; Minuit moins une! (2009) ; Terres d’échanges (2009) ; Trisomie 21: Défi Pérou? (2008) ; J’y suis, j’y reste (2008) ; 8 femmes à l’aventure (2007) ; Dino Lab (2006) ; La démocratie au Congo (2006) ; Mélomaniaques (2005) ; Le dernier match de la vie (2005) ; L’humour de Vénus (2003) ; Les maîtres du monde (2002) ; Maux d’amour (2001 ; )Les grandes peurs de l’an 2000 (1999) ; Entre les larmes et l’espoir (1998).

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