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Toni Morrison et les fantômes de l'Amérique

Toni Morrison et les fantômes de l’Amérique

Claire Laborey

France | 2021 | 52 min
French, English |
Subtitles: French
A portrait of the first Black female writer who won the Nobel Prize in 1993, became a figurehead of African-American literature and gave a voice to the unheard.

She, who Barack Obama remembered as « a national treasure » the day after she died, has considerably marked the History of the United States through her commitments and the literary and cultural revolution she has initiated. For almost 50 years, being by turns a critic, a book editor, a college professor, a creative author of novels, poems and essays, Morrison claimed the invention of a black writing and brought the light on what was kept quiet, smothered, in the US history. She put words on and pointed out what was silenced and repressed: the Black history.
Overview of some festivals:
MIPCOM Diversify TV Excellence Awards (2021)
Festival international du film d’histoire of Montréal — FFIHM (2021)
Festival les Révoltés du Monde (2021)
History Film Festival of Rijeka (2021)
Director Claire Laborey
Production Dominique Tibi
Editing Nathalie Amsellem
Music Stéphanie Blanc, Jérôme Levatois


Claire Laborey

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